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Alldevice program has taken the maintenance of our equipment to a brand new level

Kliimakaubamaja OÜ, a seller, installer and provider of maintenance of air conditioning equipment and systems, has been using Alldevice equipment maintenance software since 2017 to service customers' equipment and organize the company's activities, which has raised the quality of their work to a new level.

According to Margus Laanemägi, Development and Personnel Manager of Kliimakaubamaja, the company has learnt about the software from a sales call promoting an Estonian-made equipment management program that facilitates the work of employees by consolidating both the completed and unfinished tasks in one place. The advantage is the convenience and simplicity of use, because Alldevice has been created by people who use it on a daily basis.

Alldevice maintenance software has great potential

The Maritime Administration of the Transport Department have been using Alldevice work tasks and maintenance management software developed in Estonia for a little over ten months. Mairold Vaik, Chief Specialist and Maritime Safety Manager, is confident that this high-potential software would offer an easy way for all companies and institutions to take control of their maintenance and equipment management by means of a single software, and to meet the requirements imposed by the ISO quality management system.

"Of course, the maintenance management software makes the life of the lazy bitter at first, but it is a great help to the diligent," says Vaik. "The software sheds light on who of the responsible personnel enter the accomplished tasks on a daily basis and who does it as a mere formality. Reccuring failures of each device or piece of equipment also come to the fore, and it is good to analyze the fluctuations of the parameters afterwards on the basis of these data. For each job, the person making the entry must also think about the person who will have to read his or her entry later or take over their job. And there is a specific trail left behind each entry - the login of each person responsible for the job is visible and the list of jobs with a good calendar view also sets priorities for multitaskers. ”