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Alldevice program has taken the maintenance of our equipment to a brand new level

Kliimakaubamaja OÜ, a seller, installer and provider of maintenance of air conditioning equipment and systems, has been using Alldevice equipment maintenance software since 2017 to service customers' equipment and organize the company's activities, which has raised the quality of their work to a new level.

According to Margus Laanemägi, Development and Personnel Manager of Kliimakaubamaja, the company has learnt about the software from a sales call promoting an Estonian-made equipment management program that facilitates the work of employees by consolidating both the completed and unfinished tasks in one place. The advantage is the convenience and simplicity of use, because Alldevice has been created by people who use it on a daily basis.

"We have decided in favor of Alldevice because having a common large database grant a better overview of the team's current and future jobs. We used to record the same things separately on paper and then transfer them to Excel spreadsheets, which did not prove to be a very sustainable and transparent system. Though everyone seemed to be engaged in filling in some tables, there was actually no real-time overview of either who does what and when, or of the done and to-do lists,” Laanemägi recalls. "In retrospect, our old system seems to have been totally chaotic, more so that now we can get an overview of the current condition of various equipment and the order of activities even outside of work, because this software can also be used on a smart device."

As expected, integration of this new software was difficult at first. At the same time, the staff mastered the system fairly quickly, due to simultaneous switching into the new software. At the moment, it is already used by the whole team, the major users still being the sales and maintenance department, ie a total of 25 people. Today, Alldevice software is used by Kliimakaubamaja for the maintenance of their customers' ventilation, heating and cooling equipment, and the employees all share a common information space, which is a sourse of data on completed and unfinished work, working hours, spare parts and equipment condition and downtime.

“I don't really know any other similar software made in Estonia, in Estonian, affordable and meeting all our requirements. Moreover, moving back to Excel sounds absolutely untinkable today! " says Laanemägi.