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  • Which additional costs come with Alldevice software?

    No additional or hidden costs are incurred with using Alldevice.

  • Can I get Alldevice software training?

    Alldevice software training is carried out by the local distributors in the local language. For more specific information, please contact the local reseller or Alldevice Ltd, if local distributor is not available. Thanks to the straightforward structure of the software many clients have managed to start using it without specific training.

  • Can Alldevice software be used with smartphones?

    When the client accesses the software address from a smart device (smart phone or tablet) they are directed to a mobile-friendly page. If the client wishes to use NFC-tags there is a free Alldevice app available for Android devices.

  • Which languages is Alldevice software available in?

    At the moment Alldevice is available in eight languages: Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Finnish, Russian, English and Persian. We are open to adding new languages.

  • Is it possible to grant users different rights?

    Users are managed by groups in Alldevice software. The number of user groups is not limited and every group can be granted different rights.

  • Is Alldevice suitable for service providers?

    Alldevice is a good choice for both the device owner and service provider. There is no difference in whose devices and regular tasks are managed with it.

  • What is Alldevice software pricing policy?

    The software has a fixed monthly fee regardless of the number of users, devices or tasks created. Every client gets the software with complete functionality.