Alldevice software is web-based and only requires a web browser to use. No matter if you use Mac, Windows or Linux operating system. You do not have to worry about data transmission when switching computers. If you know the program’s web address, then all you need to do is to insert your user name and password and you can start using the software.

The number of users is not limited in Alldevice, which means that every employee can have access to the program without any excess costs.

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Front page

The front page of the program  is divided in four.

At the top of the page is the button bar, where we can choose between different tables and functions.

On the left is the device tree (structure tree) containing all devices, which have been inserted to the program.

Work orders are displayed on the largest area of the screen. A unified colour code is used throughout the program. Red – tasks, which have not been completed on time. Grey – tasks, which are in progress, but need more time to be finished. Orange – tasks appointed for the relative day. Black – tasks, which are due in coming days (in next 7 days). This way we can get a quick overview of the state of our tasks.

Prewarnings are displayed in the bottom part of the page. We can determine how many days prior to a task we are notified if we need to order spare parts, check the work space requirements, communicate with sub-contractors etc.

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Device structure

Devices can be divided to different folders by their locations (we call them locations). Creating your own device structure is as easy as creating new subfolders in a computer documents folder.

When sites have been created, we can add the devices.

The number of folders and sub-folders is not limited. Users can create exactly the kind of folder placement as they wish. Program users do not have to worry about possible increase of software costs when expanding production or growing their customer base. We do not set limits to the program (and then ask for additional fees to widen them).

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Device card

All device info is gathered on the device card. To keep things clear, the info is divided between different tabs. The main device info is on the first tab and data files (drawings, manuals, images etc) are on the second tab.

Custom fields can be designed by the user so that only the necessary info is displayed. It is important to us that you would not have to deal with unnecessary (empty) fields, which are not used.

With a few clicks you can find the device’s spare parts or open the maintenance history (service journal).


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Work orders

All relevant work orders are displayed on the program front page and will be visible after logging in to the program. When a job is done, the work order can be confirmed in the matter of seconds. Using the program does not require wide knowledge about computers. If the user knows how to read news in the Internet, they can confirm a work order.

There are three types of work orders:

  • Extraordinary repair work order for cases when a device breaks down. This enables us to make conclusions later and see which devices and how often cause us „headaches“.
  • Regular service work orders, which are created automatically according to preset rules (e.g. once a month).
  • Single planned service work orders for one-time, planned works. For example for devices that are not maintained regularly, but can be supervised from time to time or during planned downtime.
  • Work orders that have not been completed on time and the ones set for today will be sent to the executor’s email automatically. Same-day work orders that are added in the course of the day are sent out immediately.

To make sure nothing is forgotten, a list of all necessary actions can be added to the work order.

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Calendar view

Calendar view is an ideal tool to get a visual overview of planned works. Different reports can be created by using filters, for example a certain employee’s work plan.


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Device list

By using filters we can create different device lists with just a few clicks. For example ventilators, electrical motors or any other kind of devices.

The filtered list can be exported to Excel and after making changes it can be imported back to the program to change data on device cards.


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All the data inserted to the program can be analysed and reports about maintenance and repair history can be created.


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You will get a free mobile version with Alldevice software.

The mobile version is great for working outside the office. Everything excessive has been removed so that the screen would be clear, understandable and without long menus, which are uncomfortable to read in mobile devices.

The Alldevice mobile version allows you to quickly and easily search for info from the program and create or confirm work orders even while standing next to the serviced device.

By using the NFC tags you can open the device card to find information about the device, manuals, drawings, check the stock for spare parts or just take a picture of the device or problem and upload it to the device card.

NFC tag support enables us to offer special solutions according to our customers’ requirements.

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