About us

In our everyday work we have been active in different industry sectors  for two decades. We have sold equipment to manufacturers and developed technological solutions. On the basis of the experience we have gained throughout the years, we noticed that a number of our customers and collaborators are in a desperate need of a good solution to manage the info and maintenance works regarding their equipment.


In November of 2011, returning from a client meeting we got in to a discussion about how to help our customers to manage all their devices. We quickly realized, that if we were to develop a tool for this task (known also as CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management System), then it should be universal and suitable for managing the maintenance of all different types of devices. From that moment the ball was rolling and the idea started to take shape.

2011 Idea for Alldevice was born, triggered by real-life situations

2012 The idea formulated into initial task for software programmers

2013 First client contract signed

2014 Alldevice Ltd. established

2014 Regional distributor agreements Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus

2015 Regional Distributor in Poland


When developing the program, we constantly ask ourselves:

  • Would we really want to use this new function? 
  • What we do not like about this program?
  • Is this the best way to display required info?

With this in mind our goal is that the program has to be intuitive and easy to use also for personnel with less computer skills. 

We have decided not to limit the number of users, objects or devices that the client wishes to insert to the program. This allows everybody in client organization to benefit from the software.

The program user has to get a quick overview of the state of all maintenance works, see which tasks are coming up and which services or spare parts need to be ordered for work.

When updating the program, we always consider the ideas of our existing clients and our clients to be. We carefully evaluate the ideas that are presented to us by our clients and many of those have been realised by today. We can proudly declare, that our partners in development are our clients.


We are open to all good ideas and proposals for cooperation. If you feel that our program could help you in your work, contact us and we would be happy to introduce it to you in more detail. In case you think your clients could benefit from using our program, let us know and we can make it happen together.