Career opportunities

Looking for NodeJS software developers
(Tallinn, Estonia)

Alldevice Ltd

Alldevice Ltd is an Estonian CMMS software company with customers from more than 15 countries. We have been outsourcing our development services, but now we have reached the point where we feel we want to start putting together our own dream team of developers and you have the unique opportunity to become one of the founding members of this team. We are looking for experienced developers who desire to take on something a bit more challenging than creating website feedback forms. Complexity of development tasks varies a great deal, meaning there will be no room for boredom.

You are a good candidate for us if you:

  • have a good amount of experience as a software developer
  • can handle the whole package (full stack)
  • can read tasks and feedback in English (knowing Estonian is a preference)
  • are able to overtake a code unknown to you and continue developing it
  • feel at home with NodeJS (Typescript), Sequelize (ORM), ExpressJS
  • knowing K8S, ExtJS, Readc and php is a plus
  • have very good knowledge of PostgreSQL and MySQL databases
  • have heard the word Docker and it doesn’t scare you
  • find using Gitlab or Github natural
  • think documenting your work and getting feedback is obvious
  • are good at sharing tasks and are not afraid to ask for help when necessary
  • able to give adequate estimations to tasks and keep your promises
  • don’t take feedback as criticism but as valuable input to code improvement
  • understand what you do and why and comprehend the value of sharing your own ideas

What we offer:

  • contemporary tools
  • flexible working conditions with possibility to work from home partially
  • competitive salary
  • youthful team of oldies in a developing company

Sounds like something for you?

Send your CV or short introduction letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll contact you soon!